Guest post - Are you ready to change?
3 June 2017 | 3:51 pm

Many of us believe that changes happen in big chunks or like a big bang.

And it does sometimes.

But it also happens all the time, in an imperceptible way.
Our perception of the changes also changes. We usually associate a meaning to what is happening in accordance to our beliefs and our emotional state.

I lost my mom one and half year ago. The way it happened made me to associate a positive meaning to it, which has helped me to deal with the loss.

Change is constant and thinking about how to deal with it can proactively help us to find better ways to handle it.

I can give you example of what I mean;

Let’s say you are starting in a new job position. In a first situation we will call it
a-) If you have been actively searching for a new job or if you have been headhunted and in another situation, which we will call
b-) you have been laid off of your former job.

It is the same situation but you have the meaning associate with you’re the fact you are starting in a new job. What would be your level of confidence in the situation a-) and b-). Would that be same?

If your answer is yes, congratulations, your level of confidence is fantastic and perhaps you don’t need to read it to the end.

If your answer is no, you are probably like most of us, mortal people, that associates meanings to facts and in the example given, case b, we will let it affect our self-image and confidence level.

Everything changes all the time, our body changes, our humor changes, our environment changes, even when we don’t perceive or acknowledge it.

Thank God that this happens. Imagine living in a static world?

I know, sometimes we pray for it, mainly when we are facing an unexpected (perceived as negative) change. We deny it and we wish that all could be as it was before. Because the old and comfortable “known” gives us this notion of safety and predictability.

New situations can make us feel insecure of our roles and doubtful, wondering if we have the capability to deal with what is coming.

It is safe and stable with routines and suddenly we get tired of it… and secretly we go around hoping for a change.

What we really want? This ambiguity is our eternal dilemma…
My answer to this dilemma would be starting the habit of actively taking time to reflect.

From time to time you should take time to reflect on the current situation.

Are we happy with our life as is? Or are we just comfortable?
What we would like to have differently from what we have?
What is bothering you now?
How can we consciously make things happening to become good and positive change?

An example could be to change jobs, if you are not really happy with your current one. 

What you could do to change the situation?

To search a new one, would be probably the most common answer: but to make it you need to have it clear for you what you are really searching:

Are you seeking a more challenging job?
What are possible jobs that you could think to take?
What are the types of branches you would like to work with?
What are the companies that that would suit your personality?
What are the skills necessary to have this type of work?
Is there any type of training that you could take to develop those skills?
Is there another type of job that you could use as a step to learn or to develop some of the skills you need?
Have you considered all the possibilities in your current job?
If you have started in current job today, what would do differently? Could you play a small game and try to do it today?

If you don’t want to get surprised by a change, you need start reflecting about the current situation and make some assumptions of a probable future and explore possibilities.

You can’t avoid changes and you can’t do anything against it, willing or not, that is the nature of life.

Think about the following: some of the changes are just consequences of what we have not done.

This post was written by my dear friend Katia Kristersson.

Katia has been working with people management processes for almost twenty years, in this field she has developed a technical certification program, worked with career model, competence profiles, training, competence ramp up, induction programs and acquisitions, she has executed change management programs and lead a global individual professional assessments, targeting around 40,000 employees. She has been working in a Global Services organization towards several branches of business like consulting, System Integration and Professional Services in the Telco industry.

On the personal side she is a mom that likes Yoga, reading and traveling but most of all she loves people and is interested in self-development.

 “I believe that people are more similar than different- but we all have our own special gift and uniqueness and it is our job on to find it and use it in the best way.”

I hope that you were inspired at the same way that I am and are ready to make the needed changes to succeed!
Believing in you! 

Katia and Moran.

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Dare to Dream big!
12 May 2017 | 12:46 pm

Everyone who knows me for a long time knows that I’m a realist! Or at least I used to be until recently.

I was the most cautious person I have ever known, taking only calculated risks, living through Murphy’s Law – always anticipating that something can go wrong and having a plan B and C to use in case of them actually going wrong.

I was so addicted to security and my own routines – I wouldn’t leave a working place that was not good for me and stayed there for years just because I was afraid to be unemployed and not be able to provide for my family. Fortunately, some organisational changes forced me to leave that company and to face my fears.

Seeing that this wasn’t the end of the world and that it was a blessing in disguised made me a stronger and more positive person. After being unemployed for 10 months I really faced my fears and started my own company QHR.

Even if there could be some economical struggle when you start a new company and take risks I have never felt richer – I feel free, I love helping customers with HR advice, I feel that I’m making a difference and I’m very positive about the future.

I know many people who are still stuck in stressful working lives, who can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and live with fear and insecurity – this might even be you!

Now I’m not saying that everyone should start their own business but I urge everyone I know to make sure that they do what they love at a working place that they enjoy and feeling appreciated and that they have the courage to make changes and take the step needed to be happy and fulfilled.

So, for you who feel stuck and afraid, for those of you who need motivation and some friendly kick in the butt –

Please take some time to look inside yourself and to discover who you really are, take the time and effort needed to see your true beauty – your strong sides and uniqueness.

Start loving and appreciating yourself – believe in yourself and your value.

Be courageous to dream big and to believe in your future!

Use your courage to face your fears and insecurities and to challenge your comfort zone.

I promise you that you would be much happier and stronger once you dare to dream big, to face your fears and to make an impact in the world.

Once you do that, it’s a matter of time until everything falls into place and you will become much richer in any possible way!

Wishing you courage and strength!



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Know yourself and get your dream job!
2 December 2016 | 9:29 pm

It is quite logical – if you want to find the right job for you – you need to know who you are and what your destination is!

I know that it’s easy to say – knowing who you are and how to present that when you are applying for a job or reaching out to your dream employer is a real challenge.

I usually advise job seekers to take some time alone and consider who they are and where they are heading, but for many of us doing that doesn’t come naturally so we need some help on the way.

One of the methods available to learn about your personality is by doing a DISC analysis; many companies use this tool to evaluate the personalities of their candidates’ and their current employees. It is quite an expensive test for private persons who are looking for a job and may already be unemployed.

That is why I was very happy when I heard about the CVGeneratorn– it is a short personality test that helps you to find out about your strengths, highlight yourself and your motivations and to put them into words. Using this tool can help you to formulate a selling description about yourself and to formulate a winning cover letter in just 10 minutes.

And the best part is – it costs only 199 SEK (less than 25 USD) to do the test and you get your own personal description directly to your e-mail.

I took the test and it was a real help to get a clearance about my personality, in what environment I should work and what I should think about and should avoid.  It also gave me the words needed to formulate cover letters and writing to potential employers and customers.  So I can honestly recommend testing the CVGeneratorn.

And afterward, I really recommend that you print out the report and take your time to learn your personality and decide about your path! In that way -you can find the best possible working place for you and focus on what you love doing and are good at.

Know yourself and find your road to success!

Take care while learning to know yourself, 



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